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Influencer Marketing in 2018: What Marketers Need To Know
The buzz around influencer marketing is echoing loud and clear - it’s THE it trend of the year.

From bloggers sharing their "must-haves" on Instagram to subject matter experts endorsing their favorite reads on LinkedIn, you’ve most likely experienced influencer marketing as a consumer. But what about on the brand side of things? What do marketers need to know when it comes to the rise of influences marketing in 2018?

Let’s dive in.

Here's what the year ahead has in store for influencer marketing:
[Image: Influencer%20Marketing%20in%202018%20Blo...Images.png]
1. A new focus on relationships

   Now is the time that quality over quantity really matters. The shift towards this more personal marketing approach delivered by influencer marketing has been driven by the increased demand of consumers who want to know that the brands they support not only offer quality products or services, but also, come recommended.

As influencer marketing becomes ubiquitous, one primary realization has crystallized: it’s not enough to identify and pay influencers for single-post campaigns on just one platform. Not all influencers are created equal, and the best way to ensure a successful campaign is to develop relationships with both paid and organic partners who can employ a multi-platform approach, all while using influencer strategies to augment your brand’s internal multi-channel campaigns.


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