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Ez-Coins (New Update)
EZ-Coins are part of the latest update as of 8/23/2017. This currency is not allow for withdraw yet, but we are hoping we can transfer coins to available balance to our EZ-Links Application.

What's the point of EZ-Coins:
  • Ability to LOCK content to specific groups to improve reading ratings and forced replies.
  • Buy / Sell - This feature allows people to sell knowledgeable information to community members to benefit from.
  • Active Community - To bring forward an active community, members need a fair incentive a way to benefit from their time and experience.

  1. You now have the ability to earn Ez-Coins from Referrals.
  2. You can refer a friend or family member to Ez-Links Application and earn 20% bonus from their earnings.

Coins to View Content:
[hide cost="10"]
Your LOCK content will go between the [hide][/hide] tags.

This feature allows our users to set a price on their content; and when a buyer purchases the content, the owner gets the points that the buyer paid.
  • The (cost="10") is where you input the amount of points the buyer needs to pay to view this content.
Reply to View:
Your LOCK content will go between the [hide][/hide] tags.

When a user doesn't set a price on their content, the content is hidden for users until they reply to the thread. No points required to view within this tag.

Forced Login To View:
When a user isn't logged in, they're prompted to either login or register.

Titled Locked Content:
[hide cost="10" title="My Awesome Title"]
Your LOCK content will go between the [hide][/hide] tags.
Users will need a required amount of Coins to view your content, but gives a nice title.

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